A sheriff's deputy must choose between family bonds and civic duty in this feature-length crime drama/mystery set in the Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Kentucky. While investigating a murder, a small town police officer follows clues that suggest the perpetrator might be a close family member. Will the officer do the right thing or become part of the same cronyism that's destroying the town?

Troublesome Creek depicts an authentic version of impoverished Appalachia. Viewers witness family dynamics common to the area and will recognize the difficulties confronting regular citizens in their attempts to live good, decent lives. While the mystery and the moral arc of the murder investigation create the thrust of Troublesome Creek, the tale is first about the people of Eastern Kentucky. It shows a town where everybody knows each other, families gather at grandma's house for Sunday dinner and all the men eagerly anticipate the opening of elk hunting season.





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"The characters really "leap off the page" and capture the spirit of this fictitious Appalachian community."
- Fade In Magazine

"Feels like a small town country version of Mystic River."
- Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition

"Takes a nod from Robert Townes' classic screenplay for Chinatown or The Coen Brothers' No Country for Old Men. This is one of those tales where the forces of Big Money, Big Power and plain old self-interest prevail over such abstract concepts as law and order."
- Fade In Magazine